when the burger matters

Burgers have never been bigger. They occupy a sizable part of the food landscape, not to mention the consumer mindscape.

For our operators, burgers are all-important. That’s why they specify THICK N JUICY. In a wide variety of applications, from large stadium foodservice operations to mom and pop stores, it not only pleases diners, it outperforms the competition. In fact, we welcome competitive cuttings to help prospects see the advantages of our burger head to head: Quicker cook time, better yield, consistent juiciness, and above all, great taste.

When the burger matters, we win.

why the burger matters

A funny thing happened on the way to a safer burger. We made a better burger.

Our Thick N Juicy burger was created to provide the industry with a product you could cook to the necessary 160 degrees and not only not ruin, but actually really enjoy.

Our proprietary manufacturing process locks in freshness and insures a juicy, flavorful finished product. This process results in not only dramatically shorter cook time, but also longer hold time – big advantages for many of our operators.

But taste rules – and again, in head to head competition, THICK N JUICY wins in this ultimate criteria.

where the burger matters

From coast to coast, THICK N JUICY is winning over both operators and their customers.

In fact, we’re the supplier to innumerable iconic American operations, from AT&T Stadium, home of the Dallas Cowboys, to countless regional burger operations, to the Statue of Liberty Cafe. It doesn’t get any more All-American than that!

Click on the videos below to see and feel TNJ in some of our iconic destinations.

burger inspirations


The THICK N JUICY® burger lives up to its name. Whether it’s the Original, the Old-Fashioned, the Angus, or the Claim to Fame. When the burger matters, choose THICK N JUICY®.